When I step into the real world and notice a business that I'm interested in on a truck or a billboard, I remember the name, not the website. Especially when the website is some convoluted .com domain because the preferred .com domain was unavailable. When I get home or pull out my phone later on, its the business name along with my home town that I plug into the search engine. It pulls up the business that I'm looking for every time. I believe that having a new gTLD with the dot separating the keywords as the name of the business is Better and much more Memorable than a mile long or esoteric .com that I can’t even read much less remember.  For example, Vision.Domains is infinately better than Getvisionarydomainsonline.com. because the sensible, memorable .com's are all taken. Go with a short, memorable, easy to find domain name to build your identity on and to market your venture, with the new gTLD's! 


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