When I step into the real world and notice a business that I'm interested in on a truck or a billboard, I remember the name, not the website. Especially when the website is some convoluted .com domain because the preferred .com domain was unavailable. When I get home or pull out my phone later on, its the business name along with my home town that I plug into the search engine. It pulls up the business that I'm looking for every time. I believe that having a new gTLD with the dot separating the keywords as the name of the business is Better and much more Memorable than a mile long or esoteric .com that I can’t even read much less remember.  For example, Vision.Domains is infinately better than Getvisionarydomainsonline.com. because the sensible, memorable .com's are all taken. Go with a short, memorable, easy to find domain name to build your identity on and to market your venture, with the new gTLD's! 



The value of our inner self is priceless. What we have to offer for humankind is infinitely beyond our present consciousness, much of ourselves lying deep inside, longing to be freed. The world outside is waiting for us to express and convey our ideas, proposals, the fruit of our amazing imaginations. Reach out and grow! As we give out of ourselves more rushes in to fill the void, and it just gets better! Procure a domain for your self and let your creative genius embellish the nature of things. Million dollar me? That's a drop in the bucket... 



In today’s competitive business climate you need every edge you can muster. Whether getting a fledgling enterprise off the ground or turning up the after-burners on a going concern the world of domains will get you there. Your current and potential customers will judge you by your website and accompanying online presence in deciding where best to utilize their hard earned resources. Make it work for you by advertising your prowess and dominion in your chosen field. It all starts with that simple yet amazing domain name...

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